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info@atne.co.uk ▪ 07713 25 46 49 ▪

Management Training

ATNE are highly experienced deliverers of Team Building activities, working each year with a wide range of organisations from across the country. We will help your team to promote:

  • - Team spirit
  • - Cooperation
  • - Cohesion
  • - Trust
  • - Leadership

Team work, communication, problem solving, intelligent risk taking and strong leadership are required in all of our challenges. Parallels within the workplace are highlighted by our instructors so that you leave as a more cohesive unit capable of improved efficiency effectiveness and productivity.

ATNE's team building activities can be delivered to corporate companies, Youth Organisations and schools from Northumberland, Tyneside, Newcastle, Gateshead, Durham and across the UK.

The day was very well organised and it was a lot of fun. In the morning we did some fun team building exercises where everyone had a wonderful time. In the afternoon we learned more about what to watch out for in the woods, what plants are poisonous and what to use to build a fire. It was great fun to try and get a fire going without matches. And then the food! I never had so much fun preparing a meal. It’s not for a weak stomach though. Overall I really enjoyed the day with Jon and Caroline. I would definitely do it again and can only recommend them to anyone who is interested in such activites.