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Level 3 Learning Beyond the Classroom RQF

This course covers everything you need to know to safely take learning out of the classroom for increased pupil engagement.

"Learning outside the classroom is known to contribute significantly to raising standards and improving pupils' personal, social and emotional development. It can also contribute to the quality and depth of learning." Ofsted 2008.

There's no better time for taking learning outside the classroom

  • Improve mental health by immersing ourselves in the healing power of nature
  • Mitigate the spread of infection by taking learning outdoors and into the fresh air
  • Utilize outdoor spaces for inspirational learning

We aim to

Empower candidates to explore and use alternative teaching and learning venues, including areas within the school grounds.

Equip candidates with the confidence to safely run a wealth of activities which enhance and support teaching and learning.

Support candidates to gain a portable nationally recognized qualification.


Candidates are assessed on the completion of a portfolio compiled with evidence including research, risk-benefit analyses, session plans, delivery and review of sessions.

Course Overview

Recognize the potential of learning beyond classrooms
Practical curriculum linked ideas and activities to develop life skills
Managing risks and groups safely
Gain the confidence to step out of the normal classroom environment


£195 per candidate (No VAT to add).

For group courses at your venue, the cost is arranged depending on group numbers and travel distance to venue.


The course is available in two formats: a face to face course and an on-line course of 5 sessions.

Both formats require additional research, delivery & portfolio time of approx. 40 hours.

Face to face course

Everything you need to know in one day (7 hours)
This day includes some outdoor practical activities
Available at your venue
Ideal as a Teacher Training Day or individuals can book onto one of our open courses

On-line course

5 video sessions (approx. 3 hours total)
Access the sessions at your own convenience
Tasks follow each session
Tutor support is available via email, mobile or online at a mutually convenient time


Schools should feel confident in applying for the Learning Outside the Classroom Mark
Candidates may wish to gain further qualifications such as Forest School Level 3

Course content

Course content (password protected)

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