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Coronavirus Policy for First Aid courses

Adventure Training North East will run courses in accordance with the most up to date Government and First Aid Training Industry guidelines (FAAOF and FAQP)

1 Course Attendance

According to Government and Industry advice the following people should not travel to nor attend an Adventure Training North East course, anyone who;

  • has displayed any one of the Coronavirus symptoms within the past 14 days
  • is living with someone who has had Coronavirus symptoms within the last 14 days
  • has been contacted through Test and Trace and told to self-isolate

Anyone exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms on arrival or who develops symptoms during the course will be asked to return home and self-isolate. This exclusion practice exists in accordance with industry guidance and can in no way be deemed discriminatory.

We will endeavour to fit anyone excluded from a course due to the above reasons on one of our future courses at no extra cost, or receive a full refund.

If a course is cancelled because a member of Adventure Training North East staff needs to self-isolate, or because the Covid alert level rises or running a course would be against Government guidance, candidates may book onto the next suitable course or receive a full refund.

2 Course Protocol

  • candidate numbers will be reduced so that social distancing can be observed as much as possible. PPE will be worn if social distancing is not possible.
  • the course will take place outdoors, as much as possible, so please come dressed appropriately
  • there may be no toilet or cafe facilities available

Candidates will be asked;

  • to confirm they should not be self-isolating at the time of the course
  • to confirm that they are not living someone who has been contacted through Test & Trace
  • to hand sanitize on arrival and regularly throughout the day
  • if they need to cough or sneeze, please do so into a tissue which will then be promptly disposed of and hand sanitize immediately. Candidates should cough/sneeze into a crooked elbow if a tissue is not to hand then hand sanitize immediately
  • to avoid touching their mouth, nose or eyes and if they do so, then hand sanitize immediately
  • practice social distancing unless wearing PPE
  • to perform first aid skills on themselves or on a manikin, whenever assessment criteria allow
  • candidates performing first aid skills on other candidates will take place during one session, during which candidates will wear a face mask, face shield, apron and gloves and will hand sanitize before and after putting on PPE. Candidates will keep the same partner throughout the session.
  • candidates will be issued with their own complete set of personal equipment for the course including manikin, bandages, PPE, course resources, clipboard, training defibrillator, kneeling pad etc.

This pack of equipment will be

  • prepared 3 days in advance of the course
  • handled on the day by the course providers, after hand sanitizing or wearing gloves
  • learners may clean each item of equipment before use with the wipes provided
  • remain untouched for 3 days after the course
  • be the responsibility of the candidate throughout the duration of the course, so that the equipment remains untouched by any other person, other than ATNE while wearing gloves or after hand sanitizing


The manikin face will be disinfected after each session.

Manikins have one-way valves, so air (and germs) do not come back out of the manikin mouth.

Manikin lungs will be replaced regularly.

Alcohol wipes will be available for wiping the manikin down if learners feel the need to do so.

These steps alone are sufficient to prevent infection, according to HSE and consultant micro-biologists at NHS England, however in the current climate we are also making face shields available to every learner to provide a double failsafe.

3 Post Course Procedure

Any candidate developing symptoms should follow Government guidelines phone 119 and request a test. If the result is positive, Test & Trace will then ask who you have been in close contact with (within 1m) for longer than 15minutes. All candidates attending courses will be asked to voluntarily give ATNE their contact details for this purpose. Candidate personal details will be given to Test & Trace if required and otherwise held for 15 days, in accordance with GDPR then disposed of appropriately.