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Adventure Training North East Staff/Learner agreement

Adventure Training North East (ATNE) operate according to the most up to date Government and First Aid Industry guidance (FAAOF & FAQP). Please also read the ATNE Coronavirus Policy.

Download as a PDF document.

Please read on receipt but only sign immediately prior to course start, then place in the designated clipboard on arrival.

Please do not attend a course if you answer no to any questions.

ATNE will not be able to deliver training without your agreement and signature below.

Infection Mitigation AgreementAgree
1I confirm that I have not had COVID-19 symptoms (fever/high temperature, new cough, and loss of taste/smell) within the last 14 daysYes/No
2I confirm that should not be self-isolating
This means that;
I have not had any COVID-19 symptoms within the past 14 days
No one with whom I live has had any COVID-19 symptoms within the past 14 days
I have not been contacted through Test and Trace and told to self-isolate
3I agree to leave immediately if I develop symptoms at any point during the courseYes/No
4I agree to follow all course protocol as found in the ATNE Coronavirus Policy and COVID-19 guidance or risk being instructed to leave, including social distancing, wearing PPE and hand sanitizingYes/No
5I agree to provide my personal contact details to allow notification if anyone on the course develops symptoms within 2 weeks of attending the course, for purposes of Test & TraceYes/No
6I agree to inform ATNE immediately if I develop symptoms within 14 days of attending a courseYes/No
7I understand that a course may need to be cancelled or curtailed at short notice if the COVID alert rises or a member of the ATNE team become symptomaticYes/No
8I understand that to reduce infection transmission the course will be delivered outdoors as much as possible and that there may be no toilet or cafe facilities availableYes/No
9I understand that even though ATNE will operate under current Government and First Aid Industry guidance and endeavour to keep clients as safe as possible, they can't mitigate the transmission of infection completely. I accept that my attendance and participation in the course may expose me to an increased risk of infection relative to non-participation. For this reason it is advised that people who have been shielding do not attend, but ultimately it is their decision.Yes/No
I (enter learner name) confirm the above responses
Signature of learner (please sign here)                                     Date